Welcome to Bodo's projects!

I'm a physics graduate student currently working at the quantum optics department at Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich.

Selected work

My initial work was heavily web-focused. Nowadays my work has shifted towards physical science, computer vision and hardware engineering.

bachelor thesis

Subject of my bachelor thesis were optical potentials for ultracold atom experiments. In particular I evaluated technical details to implement dynamic optical potentials using acousto-optic deflectors and digital signal synthesis.

Optics Quantum Hardware


Houston is an hardware driver for an array of digital signal synthesizer with web front-end.

IoT Web Hardware


In piwise I tried to implement state of the art papers for the task of semantic segmentation. In semantic segmentation one assigns multiple classes to segmenated areas of an image.

Computer Vision Machine Learning Neural Networks Semantic Segmentation


I spy with my little eye shows different points across an image which can be marked either yes or no. Using geodesic distance transform you can then interactively segment an image.

Computer Vision Segmentation


Retina was a telemedicine prototype. Given a fundus photography of the retina it uses blob detection to find aneurysma.

Computer Vision Telemedicine


Walve is a stream-based high-performance library that implements the WebSocket standard (RFC6455). It is in particular useful to support large file streams over the web.

Streams Network Library


Satisfeet is a mobile ready online store with isomorphic templates written in 2014.

E-commerce Mobile Web


Nearby is an application which uses geolocation to show the position of its visitors in real-time.

Mobile Real-time Web